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16/09/14 @ 11:21pm

Full coordinate photo from Saturday’s event! Super happy with this outfit. Just casual enough while still having a formal element! My Musee skirt I modified to be a gathered skirt instead of pleated, I can’t stand how pleated skirts look on me! Top is Liz Lisa, skirt is Angelic Pretty, jewelry and accessories are, boots are Steve Madden. 💖💖💖

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14/09/14 @ 02:44pm

And lastly, the haul from yesterday! Toasted pudding kit kat (which I totally burned, baking a kit kat is harder than I thought.) - a Princess Serenity gashapon (the only one I wanted from this set!) - PURIKURA! (we found a new favorite booth!) - new eyelashes - and a Frozen gashapon that I wanted! Was so shocked to find it! (it’s a cute little jewelry box, and not a compact like I thought!) 💙💙💙

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@ 01:11am

@magpiegram and I today! My point of fashion was “country chocolate” - we had so much fun today and got to see some lovely Lolita friends! So excited for Disneyland Lolita day!

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11/07/14 @ 01:09am
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Forgot to post this… Easily one of my fave photos from @twelve_parsecs ‘s visit to #losangeles ❤️❤️❤️ My favorite spot in the world… Manhattan Beach. Look at us! Pin up and a goth. 😍😱👻

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07/07/14 @ 11:47pm
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@twelve_parsecs and I had an AMAZING weekend at Anime Expo… @kawaiicore_store did so well, and we were able to meet @kimura_u - what an honor! We are huge fans and we hope she liked the gifts we gave her from #kawaiicore ❤️❤️❤️ We love you @kimura_u !!!

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@ 11:41pm

Coord for the last day of Anime Expo! So happy to have been able to wear Crystal Dream Carnival! Get ready for a lot of photo spam! ❤️❤️❤️

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@ 01:55am
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Get ready for some serious #animeexpo spam… Look at this AMAZING Eternal Sera Myu Cosplayer all the way from South Korea! It was her first time in America. 😭❤️

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06/07/14 @ 02:23pm

Yesterday I lived my dream. I got to be Eternal Sailor Moon. My dearest friend as Sailor Jupiter by my side… It truly was an emotional day for me. Sailor Moon has changed my life, and yesterday she was reborn! It was more magical than I could have ever hoped. <3 (Costumes made by me for AX! All the 3D printing by @twelve_parsecs ❤️) Also I apologize for use being without glove and without my wings! Tired scouts…

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04/07/14 @ 02:19pm

CRYSTAL STAR COMPACT NECKLACES AND BROOCHES! - our open brooch design features hand painted gold leaf, a gold chain and a authentic 14mm rose pink Swarovski Crystal! Brooches feature a pin back and a pink mirror laser cut gemstone. - GET THEM AT BOOTH J34 at Anime Expo! ❤️❤️❤️

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@ 01:53pm

VISIT KAWAIICORE AT ANIME EXPO! Find us in the artist alley at BOOTH J34 ❤️❤️❤️ Sassy and unique laser cut and street fashion jewelry! Come get a one of a kind piece! ALSO WE HAVE A SAILOR MOON EXCLUSIVE NECKLACE! ❤️❤️❤️